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NaPTAN and NPTG download options

This page contains download links for the complete NaPTAN (stops) and NPTG (localities) datasets, covering the whole of Great Britain. It also shows how to build a link to download NaPTAN data for selected local authorities and/or national stops serieses.

NaPTAN and NPTG are refreshed at least daily, with the latest changes made by local authorities.

The links on this page will always return the most up-to-date data.

Full NaPTAN dataset for England, Scotland & Wales
NaPTAN data by local authority

To download NaPTAN data by local authority, follow the format of the URLs below, inserting the three digit code of the areas whose data you need, separated by pipe symbols.

To find the code for each local authority, see the NaPTAN Last Submissions page.

NPTG dataset
GTFS dataset